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Comment from just a few of our clients!

"I love these pictures!"

"I can't believe that's really me - These are the best photos anyone has ever taken of me!"

"You are the best photographer!"

"When I saw the photos from our wedding  - I re-experienced all the feelings I had that day; all the joy, sadness and happiness, naturally the tears started flowing!"

Marc Becker Photography was founded over 10 years ago by studio founder, leading NYC photographer, Marc Becker.

My philosophy is simple. Don't take any bad photos! Easier said than done but that's what over 20 years as a professional photographer does to one's sensibilities.

When the shutter clicks it's capturing a moment in time that spans the emotions that set the release of the shutter and that is the truth and beauty of the images I capture.

They are the honest and captivating record of the people and places I photograph because I have a deep emotional commitment to connect my camera to this underlying belief.

Human beings are enlightened, beautiful and

loving - that's the story that matters!